Master Amunds

Master Amunds
Opening times:

12noon - 4pm

The first weekend in June 2022 and then
every weekend in July 2022

Swedish fika and delicious lunches

At Master Amunds open-air café, you will find hot and cold drinks, ice cream, and filling cafe meals that combine traditional Swedish recipes with international fusion elements. We work together with local businesses to bring you the best in locally sourced ingredients. Our food and drink suits all budgets and is set in an idyllic rural setting. We also offer take away services.. 

“Kultur på Tur"

During your visit you can combine food and drink with an experienced English speaking guide learning about the exciting historical cultural land- and lakescape of Södra Råda, ranging from Stone- and viking age up to industrialisation and migration to America. We offer guide services to groups and private individuals. Please contact us for information and prices +46793290604

Our mission

It is important for us at Mäster Amunds to be environmentally, socially and climate-smart.  We take covid-19 prevention seriously and all of our activities are in the glorious Swedish outdoors. Our simple motto is: Think globally. Act locally.

Lena & Brita

Master Amunds is the brainchild of the Augustinson Sisters. Lena Augustinson is a London resident who spends her summers in the nearby area of Hova. She manages the café. Brita lives and works locally and has many projects under her hat. One of which is being an trained tourist guide running the company “Kultur på Tur"  - Mäster Amunds guiding services.

Other services at Master Amunds

We have a bring your own food picnic area, take away food service, dog/horse welcoming environment, free Wifi and disabled toilet. Master Amunds is a collaboration with Södra Råda Bygdegård (the Village Hall of Södra Råda) .

Find us

Mäster Amunds
Backa Bygdegården 1
547 91, Gullspång




59.0092° N, 14.1916° E Väg3004

Ride, hike, cycle, come by motorbike, car, campervan or by coach
Master Amunds is situated just by the Skagern Runt-path and Vänerleden.  You'll find parking for cars, caravans and coaches, there's bike reparation station, air compressor for push bikes, water for two and four legged being and step for our visiting riders 

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